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High-performance products for the agrochemical industry

BASF offers an extensive portfolio of tools for the formulator of crop protection products. Our range for the pesticide inerts and adjuvants segments function as dispersants, wetting agents, emulsifiers, solvents, and compatibilizers in building stable, effective, and safe formulations.

Our micronutrients provide a highly bioavailable form of metal nutrient to plants.

About AgChem

The AgChem additives group of BASF offers a wide portfolio of high performance and industry proven inert ingredients such as: surfactants, sustainable solvents, polymers and specialty chemistries. Our innerts provide a broad range of functionality to the formulator’s toolbox including adjuvancy, emulsification, defoaming, solvency, dispersancy, wetting and others.  Our products and technical expertise help formulators achieve today’s growing demands of improved field efficacy, selectivity and more importantly, increased yield with new active ingredients or new combinations of active ingredients.

With our global network, years of experience, extensive technical know-how and innovative technologies we are a valuable partner to have at your side.  We stand for reliable supply of our globally available products and trustfully customer relationships.

We will help you find the right solution, no matter your need. Reach out to us for assistance with innovative, environmentally sound solutions for maximum performance and efficacy in plant protection.

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