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Lutensol® XP 79

C10 Guerbet alcohol ethoxylate




Adhesives & Sealants
Chemical Industry
Leather & Textile
Paints & Coatings
Others Plasticizer
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 24
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 21
Wetting Substrate Metal
Wetting Substrate Hydrophobic Surfaces
Wetting Substrate Glass Fibre
Wetting Substrate Cotton
Surface Modification Wetting Dynamics Slow
Surface Modification Wetting Dynamics Medium
Surface Modification Wetting Dynamics Fast
Surface Modification Wetting Agent
Surface Modification
Sodium Silicate
Slip Modification / Friction Control
Sizing Agent Substrate Glass Fibre Textile Fibre
Sizing Agent Substrate Glass Fibre
Sizing Agent
Sealant (Film Formation)
Scale Inhibitor Type of Scale Sulfate
Scale Inhibitor Type of Scale Phosphate
Scale Inhibitor Type of Scale Oxalate
Scale Inhibitor Type of Scale Carbonate
Scale Inhibitor pH Range Neutral/ Alkaline, pH > 5
Scale Inhibitor pH Range Acidic, pH < 5
Scale Inhibitor
Oxidized polyethylene wax
Others Solvent Hydrophobic Solvent
Others Solvent Hydrophilic Solvent
Others Solvent Carrier Oil
Others Solvent
Others Neutralization Agent / pH Adjustment
Others Compatibilizer / Solubilizer
Oil / Water Triglyceride
Oil / Water Silicone
Oil / Water Resins
Oil / Water Paraffinic
Oil / Water Naphthenic
Oil / Water Aromatic
Metal Winning Process Ore (Mining)
Metal Winning Process Metal Recycling
Metal Winning Metal Type Pb
Metal Winning Metal Type Others
Metal Winning Metal Type Ni
Metal Winning Metal Type Cu
Metal Winning
Matting Agent
Lubricant Material Wool
Lubricant Material Polyester Fiber
Low Foaming Surfactant
Hydrophobic / Hydrophilic Modifier Modification Type Hydrophobization
Hydrophobic / Hydrophilic Modifier Modification Type Hydrophilization
Hydrophobic / Hydrophilic Modifier Modification Surface Textile
Hydrophobic / Hydrophilic Modifier Modification Surface Plastics
Hydrophobic / Hydrophilic Modifier Modification Surface Metal
Hydrophobic / Hydrophilic Modifier Modification Surface Glass
Hydrophobic / Hydrophilic Modifier
Foam Stabilizer
Foam Generator
Foam Control
Foam Behavior Medium
Foam Behavior Low
Foam Behavior High
Emulsifying Emulsion Breaker
Emulsifier Water / Oil
Emulsifier Salt / Water Hardness Stability
Emulsifier Oil / Water
Emulsifier Dynamic Wetting
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Zinc
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Tin
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Others
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Nickel
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Medium Alkaline
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Medium Acidic
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Elektroplating Function Top Brightener
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Elektroplating Function Surfactant / Wetting Agent
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Elektroplating Function Polarization Agent
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Elektroplating Function Leveller
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Elektroplating Function Complexing Agent
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Elektroplating Function Basic Brightener
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Elektroplating Function Acid
Electroplating Additive Metal Type Copper
Electroplating Additive
Emulsifier Dynamic Wetting Slow
Emulsifier Dynamic Wetting Medium
Emulsifier Dynamic Wetting fast
Dispersion Substrate Zinc Oxide
Dispersion Substrate Zeolithe
Dispersion Substrate Titanium Dioxide
Dispersion Substrate Tall Oil / Pitch (Pulp)
Dispersion Substrate Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC)
Dispersion Substrate Plastic Additive
Dispersion Substrate Organic Pigment
Dispersion Substrate Metals
Dispersion Substrate Kaolin

Features & Benefits

Excellent wetting properties, low toxicity


Air entraining agents
Wetting agents
Surface modifiers & binders
Wetting control

Regulatory Status

Asia Pacific
North America
North America

Typical properties

Product Type

Adhesives & Sealants
Chemical Industry
Leather & Textile
Paints & Coatings
Plating Chemicals
Polymers Molar Mass [g/mol] 1,001-5,000
Polymers Molar Mass [g/mol] 10,001-100,000
Polymers Molar Mass [g/mol] 5,001-10,000
Polymers Molar Mass [g/mol] >100,000
Polyvinyl ether wax
Soluble Silicates
Surfactant Type Anionic
Surfactant Type Nonionic
Surfactants Alcohol Source Natural
Surfactants Alcohol Source Petrochemical
Surfactants EO number 0
Surfactants EO number 1-3
Surfactants EO number 4-8
Surfactants EO number 9-15
Surfactants EO number >15
Surfactants HLB Value (Griffin) 10-12
Surfactants HLB Value (Griffin) 12.5-14
Surfactants HLB Value (Griffin) 14.5-16
Surfactants HLB Value (Griffin) >16
Surfactants HLB Value (Griffin) ≤10


Adhesives & Sealants
Chemical Industry
Leather & Textile
Paints & Coatings
Chemistry 20 moles EO monolaurate
Chemistry 20 moles EO monooleate
Chemistry 20 moles EO monooleate, Kosher
Chemistry 20 moles EO monostearate, Kosher
Chemistry 20 moles EO trioleate, Kosher
Chemistry 20 moles EO tristearate, Kosher
Chemistry 80 moles EO monolaurate
Chemistry Acetylenic based chemical
Chemistry Acrylic acid based copolymer
Chemistry Acrylic acid homopolymer
Chemistry Alcohol alkoxylate
Chemistry Alcohol ethoxylate
Chemistry Alkyl polyglycoside
Chemistry Alkylsulfonic acid
Chemistry Amine alkoxylate
Chemistry Amine-based block copolymers
Chemistry Amino polycarboxylate
Chemistry Aromatic based plating chemical
Chemistry Biocide
Chemistry EO/PO block copolymer
Chemistry Ethossulfate quat
Chemistry Fatty alcohol ethersulfate
Chemistry Fatty alcohol sulfate
Chemistry Methyl polyethylene glycol
Chemistry Other alkoxylate
Chemistry Other carboxylate based copolymer
Chemistry Other plating chemical
Chemistry Phosphate ester
Chemistry Polycarboxylate polymer
Chemistry Polyethylene glycol
Chemistry Polyethylene imine and derivatives
Chemistry Polypropylene glycol
Chemistry Polyvinyl pyrrolidone and derivatives
Chemistry Polyvinylpyrrolidone polymer
Chemistry Sulfonate
Chemistry Sulfosuccinate
Chemistry Trifunctional polyalkylene glycol
Chemistry Triglyceride alkoxylate
Chemistry Unsaturated polyalkylene glycol
Chemistry Wax emulsion
Chemistry nonionc
Chemistry other
Chemistry sorbitan fatty acid ester
Cloud Point [°C] 16A
Cloud Point [°C] 20A
Cloud Point [°C] 74A
Cloud Point [°C] 80/A
Cloud Point [°C] 90% approx. 60/A
Cloud Point [°C] >100
Cloud Point [°C] >100A
Cloud Point [°C] Approx 67/E
Cloud Point [°C] Approx 82/A
Cloud Point [°C] approx 15
Cloud Point [°C] approx 20
Cloud Point [°C] approx 24
Cloud Point [°C] approx 25
Cloud Point [°C] approx 26
Cloud Point [°C] approx 28
Cloud Point [°C] approx 30
Cloud Point [°C] approx 35
Cloud Point [°C] approx 37
Cloud Point [°C] approx 40
Cloud Point [°C] approx 46/B
Cloud Point [°C] approx 58
Cloud Point [°C] approx 73
Cloud Point [°C] approx 81
Cloud Point [°C] approx 82
Cloud Point [°C] approx 86
Cloud Point [°C] approx 90
Cloud Point [°C] approx 91
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 14
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 29
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 31/E
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 35
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 37 / D
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 40/E
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 43/A
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 44 / E
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 45/E
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 46 / E
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 50/A
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 53 / E
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 53/A
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 56 / A
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 56/A
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 56/E
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 58/A
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 60 / A
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 60 / E
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 60/A
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 62/E
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 63 / C
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 65 / C
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 68 / E
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 69
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 69/A
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 70 / A
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 70/E
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 73 / C
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 75 / B
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 76 / C
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 77 / C
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 78 / B
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 78 / C
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 80 / C
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 84 / B
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 86 / B
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 86/A
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 87 / B
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 92 / B
Cloud Point [°C] approx. 95 / B
Cloud Point [°C] approx.68.B
Cloud Point [°C] approx.75 /A
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 100
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 20
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 25
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 30
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 33
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 35
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 40
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 41
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 43
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 44
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 44341
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 45
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 48
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 49
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 50
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 70
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 75
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 76
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 80
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 92
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 93
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 94
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 95
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 96
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 97
Concentration / Dry Content [%] 99
Concentration / Dry Content [%] > 89
Concentration / Dry Content [%] > 92
Concentration / Dry Content [%] > 97,5
Concentration / Dry Content [%] > 98
Concentration / Dry Content [%] > 98,5
Concentration / Dry Content [%] > 99,3
Concentration / Dry Content [%] > 99,5
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 100
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 20
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 25
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 29
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 30
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 40
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 45
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 49
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 50
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 55
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 60
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 63
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 65
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 70
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 80
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 85
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 90
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 95
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 97
Concentration / Dry Content [%] approx. 98
Concentration / Dry Content [%] ≥ 62
EO Number 0
EO Number 10
EO Number 11
EO Number 12
EO Number 13
EO Number 14
EO Number 15
EO Number 2
EO Number 20
EO Number 25
EO Number 3
EO Number 30
EO Number 4
EO Number 40
EO Number 5
EO Number 6,5
EO Number 7
EO Number 8
EO Number 80
EO Number 9
HLB Value 1
HLB Value 10
HLB Value 10,5
HLB Value 11
HLB Value 11,5
HLB Value 12
HLB Value 12,5
HLB Value 13
HLB Value 13,5
HLB Value 14
HLB Value 14,5
HLB Value 15
HLB Value 16
HLB Value 17
HLB Value 17,5
HLB Value 18
HLB Value 18,5
HLB Value 19
HLB Value 2
HLB Value 24
HLB Value 3
HLB Value 31
HLB Value 4
HLB Value 5
HLB Value 6
HLB Value 7
HLB Value 8
HLB Value 9
Molar Mass [g/mol] 1000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 100000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 1100
Molar Mass [g/mol] 1200
Molar Mass [g/mol] 12000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 1300
Molar Mass [g/mol] 1400000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 1450
Molar Mass [g/mol] 14600
Molar Mass [g/mol] 15000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 1600000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 1900
Molar Mass [g/mol] 1950
Molar Mass [g/mol] 2000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 20000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 2000000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 2150
Molar Mass [g/mol] 2450
Molar Mass [g/mol] 2500
Molar Mass [g/mol] 25000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 250000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 2650
Molar Mass [g/mol] 275
Molar Mass [g/mol] 2750
Molar Mass [g/mol] 2900
Molar Mass [g/mol] 300
Molar Mass [g/mol] 3000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 3100
Molar Mass [g/mol] 3250
Molar Mass [g/mol] 3350
Molar Mass [g/mol] 3400
Molar Mass [g/mol] 3600
Molar Mass [g/mol] 3650
Molar Mass [g/mol] 3800
Molar Mass [g/mol] 400
Molar Mass [g/mol] 4000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 4400
Molar Mass [g/mol] 445
Molar Mass [g/mol] 450
Molar Mass [g/mol] 4500
Molar Mass [g/mol] 4700
Molar Mass [g/mol] 4950
Molar Mass [g/mol] 500
Molar Mass [g/mol] 5000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 50000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 550
Molar Mass [g/mol] 554
Molar Mass [g/mol] 560
Molar Mass [g/mol] 5750
Molar Mass [g/mol] 590
Molar Mass [g/mol] 5900
Molar Mass [g/mol] 591
Molar Mass [g/mol] 592
Molar Mass [g/mol] 593
Molar Mass [g/mol] 594
Molar Mass [g/mol] 595
Molar Mass [g/mol] 596
Molar Mass [g/mol] 600
Molar Mass [g/mol] 6000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 610
Molar Mass [g/mol] 6500
Molar Mass [g/mol] 65000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 6700
Molar Mass [g/mol] 6800
Molar Mass [g/mol] 698
Molar Mass [g/mol] 700
Molar Mass [g/mol] 70000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 750000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 800
Molar Mass [g/mol] 8000
Molar Mass [g/mol] 900
Molar Mass [g/mol] 9000
Supply Form Liquid
Supply Form Paste
Supply Form Powder
Supply Form Solid
Supply Form Solid - Flakes
Supply Form Solid - Granules
Supply Form Solid - Lumps
Supply Form Solid - Paste
Supply Form Solid - Powder
Supply Form Solid - Wax
Water free <1%


Adhesives & Sealants
Chemical Industry
Leather & Textile
Paints & Coatings
Biodiversity and renewables
Climate change and energy
Cost savings downstream
Emission reduction
Health and safety
Resource efficiency


Adhesives & Sealants
Chemical Industry
Leather & Textile
Paints & Coatings
Unsaturated polyalkylene glycol
Triglyceride alkoxylate
Trifunctional polyalkylene glycol
Sulfosuccinate / Sulfosuccinamate
Potassium Silicate
Polyvinyl pyrrolidone and derivatives
Polypropylene glycol
Polymers Molar Mass [g/mol] ≤1,000
Polyethylene imine and derivatives
Polyethylene glycol
Phosphate ester
Others Building Block / Precursor
Other Silicate
Other plating chemical
Other carboxylate based copolymer
Other alkoxylate
Methyl polyethylene glycol
Fatty alcohol sulfate
Fatty alcohol ethersulfate
Fatty acid methyl ester
Fatty acid amide
Epoxidised oil
EO/PO block copolymer
Dimethyl amide
Cationic plating polymer
Butyl polyalkylene glycol
Aromatic sulfonate condensate
Aromatic based plating chemical
Amino polycarboxylate
Amine alkoxylate
Alkylsulfonic acid
Alkyl polyglycoside
Alkyl ester
Alcohol alkoxylate
Adjuvant blend
Acrylic acid homopolymer
Acrylic acid based copolymer
Acetylenic based chemical

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